About Feorbeund

Feorbeund is a survival-fantasy setting filled with malicious spirits, struggling survivors, gray morality, and easter-eggs. It doesn’t focus on any one character, place, or event: every soul is expendable, every location is destructible, and every event could be rendered insignificant.

As a survival-fantasy world, Feorbeund is both low magic and low civilization. People are just trying to survive, day in and day out. Players will soon realize that it’s impossible to save the world, but they could save a person, or maybe even a town. Pick your battles and live to fight another day.

Throughout the uninhabited forests and mires, spirits hunt humans down to torment them. In this world, however, “spirit” is a catch-all term that applies to all non-humans, both corporeal and incorporeal. Each spirit has a theme, which can be as broad as ‘loss’ or as specific as ‘losing an item and finding it after it’s been replaced.’

The people of this setting are a hearty stock, used to every inconvenience imaginable, and accepting death as a possibility every hour of the day. The only line of defense they have is the single religion in the land—the Silent Church—whose chapels and holy symbols provide respite from the tyranny of spirits.

The society within the setting sees the world as comprised of six elements: the standard earth, fire, wind, and water, as well as noise (the medium of evil) and silence (the lack of noise). Hence, the Silent Church is not necessarily good, they just aren’t evil. For that reason gray morality is a common theme in Feorbeund.

One thing that Feorbeund, as an RPG, will never do is shove lore down peoples’ throats. If people just want to finish the quest and loot the bodies, they are free to do so. But everything in Feorbeund has a reason for being there, and players can explore those reasons to gain insight on the setting, and possibly an advantage or two for their effort.