Anad: the Final Chapel

My name is Weallian, of the Nation Inmede, and this is my story:

I had only seen eight harvests when spirits set upon me one night, filling my mind with their foul voices, telling me to do horrible things. The following six years would be a lonely battle, as I could tell no one of the creatures laying dormant in my soul. If I did tell, I was convinced—or the spirits convinced me—that whomever I told would’ve turned me in to the Silent Inquisition: an organization built specifically for hunting those who have allowed spirits to dwell inside of them.

And so I kept this secret from everyone. Everyone, that is, except for Aliesednes, my town’s Silent Priestess. She was kind to me, spending months of her own time to help me find solace, but nothing was working. Finally she directed me to this place: Anad, the Final Chapel.

At first I was angry, infuriated by her suggestion, but as time passed—and I was able to vent my frustrations—I soon realized that my anger was simply noise, the essence of the spirits within me. Now I see the wisdom in Silence, which is why I’ve come here.

Perhaps you’re a pilgrim, like myself, exploring the chapel before you finally rest. I do not blame you, friend, for I did the same.

Or perhaps you’re a explorer in the far future, here to find this writing on my corpse, and glean what purpose this structure might have had. In this case, I shall tell you, as no other pilgrim’s journal seems to have done so, yet:

Anad, the Final Chapel of the Silent Queen, is built as the final resting place of those who can not find her most holy Silence, otherwise. That’s why it has been built in the Queen’s Expanse, a flat wasteland of ice and wind. Nowhere else do you get so far from the noise of the world, and I must admit, it is truly breathtaking, here.

Truth be told, dear reader, I am afraid to stop writing.

No, that is the spirits talking. Emotion is just noise, and noise is the element of spirits. I must face the Silence. That is why I am here.

My name is Weallian, of the Nation Inmede, and I was alive.

The Silent Church is known to follow the ideal of perserverence in silence. Their patron spirit, the Silent Queen, has been said to be the only being completely immune to the effects of other spirits, simply because she can’t be bothered with their petty noise.

The Silent Church has been humanity’s only uniting force, before the Red Banner was founded. More on that next time!

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